How we hire

There are some tips to make your curriculum vitae outstanding:

  •  Prefer one-page or two-page resumes.
  •  Use coherent and contextual spelling and grammar.
  •  Be well-structured and clear-sentenced.
  •  Write a condensed summary.
  •  List of technological expertises/ relevant certificates/ projects.
  •  Declare your activities, especially your leadership ones.
  • Our recruiters will go over your CV. After that, they will contact you to discuss more your talents and make sure that your profile is appropriate for VNEXT Global.
  • If there isn't a suitable match right now, don't worry! Your information will be noted and contacted if we have other suitable chances in the future.
  • Don't hesitate to ask us any questions. This is your chance to learn more about the site and let us learn more about you.

All candidates should highlight their talents in following areas:

  •  Technical Expertises: Have a good knowledge background and demonstrate various skill sets/tool sets (such as programming experience in different languages, using multiple frameworks and libraries, etc).
  •  Problem Solving: Have ability to approach problems and brainstorm solutions.
  •  Communication Skills: Be able to communicate in specific situations with a professional attitude.
  •  Teamwork Skills: Share how you will adjust to your company's and team's changes, how you deal with conflict and feedback, and how you work as a teamplayer.

Feel free to ask your interviewers if you have any questions. Also, you can request another interview with us if necessary.

  • In terms of decision-making, we have to consider different factors to assess whether you are the most promising candidate. After your interview, our recruitment team will analyse all the documents and send them to our human resources managers for a final decision.
  • You can now wait for VNEXT Global to contact you for employment within one week of the completion of the recruitment process.
  • We aim to keep you informed as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the recruiter. We thank you for your interest and efforts and wish to welcome you on board!
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