GO GLOBAL - The strategic objective of VNEXT SOFTWARE 2022 - 2024


Establishing Global department is one of the general development strategies of VNEXT HOLDING from 2022-2024. Global is not only a strategic consultant but also a customer-development and project-implementing department in the English market. Before the decision of “reaching into the big sea,” how does the board of directors prepare and aim? VNEXTers, let's listen to Mr. HaiH’s Sharing – CEO VNEXT SOFTWARE about stories of Global!


Dear Mr. Hai, could you share the reason that led to the decision of establishing Global department? 

BOD of VNEXT Holdings had nurtured the dream of establishing Global since the beginning of 2021 for a lot of reasons: 

- First, because of Covid 19, most projects from the Global market were leaked to the Asian one. Besides, nation partners of the Global market are familiar with remote working status, and they highly appreciate Vietnam's IT competence. Moreover, Vietnamese IT companies specializing in the Global market have experience skyrocket growth in recent years. 

- After 13 years of focusing on Japan market, Holding wants to expand our business/market and customers; and minimize the risk of only market and customer focus. On considering our interior base, BOD has evaluated that this is the right time to Go Global. 


What is your opinion about the pros and cons when entering a new market? 

The biggest difficulty is that VNEXT has little experience in the Global field. VNEXT's members are familiar with Japanese customer working styles and culture. This is VNEXT’s advantage with the Japanese market but English user market (Global) because of culture, working process, mindset, and time zone difference.

Go along with difficulties, Global has its advantages. After 14 years of development and accumulation, our company has a strong infrastructure, administrative system, know-how, human resources, and budget to invest in a new business area. And the most crucial advantage is that all members in BOD have the same desire to build this new business. 


Hiring new members in the beginning period of establishing a new department is a real hardship. Could you share the hiring criteria as well as information about the currently leading team of Global? 

In different organizations, different managers will have different evaluations, opinions, and criteria for hiring new employees. To me, those criteria are arranged in order: 

  1. Vision, ambition, and responsibility: Those first members joining Global are people who have the same mindset as Go Global orientation and strategy. They are ambitious, eager, and responsible for jumping into the new startup area at VNEXT.
  2. Experience: Experience shortage is a real challenge to VNEXT when jumping into a new area. So, the experience of those first members joining Global is vital. 
  3. Belief and respect: To build a new business from the beginning to those milestones, believing in each other is essential. When we trust and respect each other, we can overcome the hardship that we have to deal with in the future. 

Global start with two members: 

  1. Ms. TrangNT (Annie): General Director of Global; before joining VNEXT SOFTWARE, Annie was director of the APAC market at other Global companies. 
  2. Mr. VuongDQ: With more than 15 years working as Developer, PM, Divison Manager, SA at FPT SOFTWARE, he will support Global with Presale & Build in the development part. 


What did the Global department prepare to penetrate a new market with many competitors? 

“VNEXT has started after a lot of competitors. To penetrate, survive and define our name in the international market, “unique” is the key. Global has planned to focus on and work hard to turn those points into our unique and dominant points”: 

- English skills 

- Productivity 

- Quality 


Thank Mr. Hoang Hai for much interesting information about VNEXT Global. Wish Global will strongly bring VNEXT to reach the big sea!

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