7 Reasons To Learn Java In 2022

7 REASONS to learn Java in 2022

Nowadays, companies do not care about a college/university degree anymore. Instead, they want to hire people with specific in-demand skills.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a new career in the I.T market but aren’t sure where to start, we share with you 7 reasons why you should learn Java programming language in 2022.


1. Java is beginner-friendly

Java has fluent English syntax with minimum magic characters like generics, angles, and brackets making it easy to read this program and learn quickly.


2. Java is in high demand

Java is one of the most used programming languages among developers worldwide. A majority of android apps use Java as their primary backend language. A lot of companies use Java in one way or another. Here are some big names who have enterprise Java applications: Google, Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn…


3. Good Salaries

Because of the extensive use of this language, Java is one of the highest-paid positions. Once you get experience and work on different projects that you can include on your resume, you start getting much higher job offers. Getting high or even more salary is achievable. That’s why you should fall in love with Java.


4. Java is an Object-Oriented programming language

This is the other reason which makes Java so famous. It is an object-oriented programming language, shortly OOP. Once you know crucial OOP concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance, you can use all of those with Java. Java is one of the few close to 100 OOP programming languages. Java also promotes the use of solid and object-oriented design principles in the form of open-source projects like spring, which makes sure your object dependency is managed well.


5. Collection of open-source libraries

Open-source libraries ensure that Java should be used everywhere. Apache, Google, and other organizations have contributed a lot of great libraries which makes Java's development fast and cost-effective.


6. Huge community

Even if you have difficulties learning Java, you can easily get help from the global community. There are more than 9 million developers globally, and their online community is huge and friendly, and dynamic. You can easily find the answer to almost any question that appears while you study and get a useful source to deepen your knowledge.


7. Java is free

Java is free from the start; you don’t need to pay anything to create a Java application.


For 7 reasons as above, Java is an all-around universal programming language. Although Java does not suit all needs, it’s still a popular programming language which is widely used and benefits a lot of people and businesses.

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